Feel free to read through some of the testimonials from previous and current athletes, professionals and working peers.  Testimonials are extremely important to me, as they often represent the hard work and results we have achieved in our journey together as coach and athlete.


Within six months of working with Nick, I became a winner on PGA Tour Canada. His personalized program targeted my weak areas and turned them into strengths

Adam Cornelson

PGA Tour Canada


Since working with Coach Mueller, he quickly was able to identify key problem areas in my body and took measures to fix them. Through specific programs design to fit my professional goals, we’ve been able to build more speed and power in my golf swing. As a result, I’ve had most consistent season yet out on PGA Tour of Canada. His knowledge, ingenuity and overall understanding of what golfers need to have to become successful in their craft is unparalleled

Ryan Williams

PGA Tour Canada


I was made aware of Nick though Alex Philips, World Long Drive Competitor. I started noticing some of the movements that she was sharing via Instagram and started researching how he could help me and boy has he over the last few months since I have started my golf specific movement training with him.

I have had multiple back injuries, one treated by surgery and some still untreated to this day. I struggled with thoracic spine mobility, hip mobility, and pelvic mobility. I brought all of those concerns plus a few other to Nick’s attention and he has been diligent right out of the gate with addressing my mobility and strength issues. 

My work requires a lot of sitting which affects my strength and mobility significantly. In  ddition, I am an aspiring professional golfer at age 44 which requires a significant need for strength and mobility.

Nick is astute in all facets of physical strength and conditioning and body mobility but has developed an uncanny knowledge for rotational strength and mobility which is perfect for golf and my overall spine and pelvic strength. Nick took the time to evaluate and fully understand my capabilities and develop a plan for me. He always takes me to the point that I’m working hard and pushing myself breaking but I have never feared that I was at risk of further injury, in fact, quite the opposite, as my mobility and strength has changed so dramatically that other areas that were compensating have become less painful.

One thing that I love most about Nick, is that even though he is highly skilled, he is very humble and never makes you feel like you have no clue what you’re talking about, there are plenty of people out there like that. He has such great energy and is always such a joy to work with.

I recognize that Nick is a valuable commodity in the athletic world and his time is and knowledge are in high demand. That demand is going to continually increase as word continues to spread about him, he is literally one in a million and I see him working with athletes at the highest level of all sports and sharing his knowledge via speaking and training to other professionals in the field.

It is a great honor that I get to work with Nick and I know I am going to be forever indebted as he helps me to reach my goal of a professional golfer.

As a result of my time with Nick I can perform my early morning gym routine, my golf practice, and my highly demanding job with little to no pain and or soreness. I am without a doubt 100% better off than before I started working with him. Before I started with Nick I was still considering a second back surgery, this time a fusion because of his knowledge, diligence, and care, I am not sure I will ever need another back surgery.

Thank You, Nick, I am forever indebted and grateful.

Jim Gisclair

Director - Serenity Helicopters


I would like to acknowledge the exceptional service and professionalism that I have experienced with Nick over the past 2 years.  

I was referred to Nick through British Columbia’s most sought after and respected physiotherapist, Dianne Lee.  After another severe lower back injury, I worked with Dianne for some time until she saw fit I was ready for more advanced treatment.  

My work requires a high degree of strength and mobility, and my hobby is golf which requires the same.  Nick is strong in all facets of physical strength and conditioning but has developed a heightened knowledge for rotational strength and mobility pertaining to golf.  

I have worked with several professionals in the past but it took me little time to realize that I was working with the best in the business, in Nick.  He took the time to fully understand my capabilities and develop a plan for me.  He always took me to the point that I was working hard and breaking down barriers in my limitations but never risked an injury or took me past what I was capable of; although sometimes he surprised me by showing me what I was, indeed, capable of.  I also took note of his ability to improvise on the fly and change the direction of a session when needed.

His personality is such that it makes it easy to be in the gym.  His energy is good and positive and, for me, all I had to do is show up and be ready to work; Nick took care of the details.  

I understand that Nick’s time is in high demand and that it will only increase until he is realized as a leader in his field, at which point I think he will be working with athletes at the highest level and hopefully sharing his insights amongst other professionals in the field.  It is a great honor to work with Nick and I enjoy the time I spend in the gym with him as I am always learning and improving when I am in his care.

As a result of my time with Nick I can wake up in the morning without feeling an ounce of soreness, I can get through 18 holes of golf without needing to lay on my back and stretch, I can outwork my staff on a job site and I can walk with a renewed confidence.  Even further to that, I can actually hop out of bed in the morning, I can feel strong and energized after 18 holes and I can find enjoyment in manual labor again.  

Before I started with Nick I asked myself what I would pay for a brand-new back, and the answer was “almost anything”.  It was an investment that was well worth every penny because I spent far less then ‘anything’ and I have my new back.  I also can shoot par in 18 holes of golf while only logging 20 rounds a year; this has everything to do with being in control of my body and nothing to do with actual golf practice. 

Thank You Nick, I am indebted,

Scott McCartney


Nick Mueller is an exceptional performance coach. I have been working with him during my off seasons for the past 5 years during my preparation in qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Games. Nick’s training is very creative. He has so much technical expertise and is incredibly knowledgeable. He comes to sessions prepared and does research about my sport (Water Polo) and in what way I can improve each time I see him. Nick’s focus is on my rotational power and overall strength/power gains. He comes up with exercises that are unique to my sport and figures out how each movement can be relevant in the pool. Nick also always creates a very fun, positive and motivating training environment.

No matter how in shape I feel I am as an athlete, Nick is always there to push me and find another area that I can improve on.

Monika Eggens

Canadian National Team Water Polo


I wouldn’t be the athlete that I am today without Nick’s guidance and expertise. He is the collaborative, knowledgeable, and driven trainer that every elite athlete needs to perform optimally. His understanding of rotational force and power dynamics is unparalleled. Nick constantly adapts and creates exercises, to support my unique sport needs, as a water polo athlete. This has directly translated to my ability to throw harder, swim quicker and have more balanced in the pool. His knowledge gives me the confidence to push myself without fear of injury and slow down when more movement quality is needed. I am lifting smarter and stronger than I thought possible. He is always goes above and beyond to provide support when I am training abroad. In the gym, his energy is contagious and motivating. Nick has been one of the most influential performance coaches that I’ve had the opportunity to work with, during my journey to becoming the National Team and Professional athletes that I am today. Thanks for everything, Nick!

Gurpreet Sohi

Canadian National Team Water Polo


I’ve been working with Nick for a little over a month now and I can’t stress enough how much he has helped me in my goals with professional golf.  Nick‘s knowledge  on how the golf swing reacts to the players body is second to none and he is able to convey this in simple and effective ways that make sense to the student.  After a month of working with Nick,  I am noticing changes in the way I am swinging it and how my body feels day in and day out.  Nick is always there for the student every day.  I can expect texts everyday asking if i need help and how my body is feeling after each workout.  There is no doubt in my mind that in order to achieve my goals, I need to have Nick by my side on my team throughout my career

Will Barnette

Professional Golfer


Nick was able to get me performing at a level I never thought possible while training remotely.

Marlene Sandstone



Nicks FST sessions have been a life saver.  I dealt with serious back pain for over 10 years and have never felt better, thanks Nick!

Desai Williams

Financial Advisor


I had the opportunity to see Nick in action, when he came to teach Dubais first ever, Rad Mobility course. We didn’t know what to expect, and as a host of the course, I was a bit nervous because we had a diverse list of attendees ranging from physiotherapists, to chiropractors, to professional athletes. I had absolutely nothing to be nervous about, as Nicks way of presenting was engaging and interactive. He got the participants involved throughout the entire course, which in turn helped them to engrave the new skills they learned about mobility. The course feedback was incredible, and we can’t wait to have Nick back. He is one of a kind!
Alison McLaughlin



Nick came in as a presentor for our team to further educate our staff on rotational power and performance.  I was blown away by the entertaining and professional presentation. The staff loved it and are all much better qualified as trainers because of it.

Barbell Universe



Nick has been a great associate and friend over the years. His unmatched energy and passion for the sport of golf and the science of kinesiology is a credit to the industry. I would highly recommend Nick for any athlete to increase performance, or any organization to add knowledge to their team.

Jarid Vaughan

Owner of VF


Nick is the gold standard when it comes to movement! I have been working with Nick for three years and his expertise in treatment has made THE difference in my mobility. His deep rooted desire for continuous learning and innovative thinking is what makes him the best in the industry. It doesn’t end there, his passion for educating others is what truly makes him unique. Anyone who has worked with Nick, seen him teach or lead a presentation, would tell you he has the ability to light up a room with his personality and enthusiasm! His energy is contagious and treatment is anything but dull!

I am honoured to have built a friendship while working with Nick that I’ll cherish forever. He has made a difference in my life and I can’t begin thank him enough.

Sherri Vieira