This is My Story

Nick Mueller, also known as the “Mobility Caddie”, is a Golf Performance Consultant, a Kinesiologist and a Fascial Stretch Therapist specializing in strength and conditioning for golfers. Nick’s specialty lies in mobility restoration, movement efficiency and power production and performance of the golfer. He is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Nick has been working with athletes for over a decade. He has a degree in Human Kinetics, is a Level 3 certified TPI golf fitness professional and a member of the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance. Furthering his studies, Nicks recent focus has been on consolidating research, creating and implementing systems for athletes, collegiate programs and industry professionals on how fascia can impact athletic performance. He is a Master Trainer for RAD Roller, a company who sells the most innovative fascial release tools on the market. He has been to Toronto, China, Korea, Dubai, London, Amsterdam, Hungary, New York and California to educate clinicians, personal trainers and other professionals in the industry about how fascia can impact athletic performance.

Nick currently works with RAD, is a lead worldwide presenter and educator and the author of RAD Roller Golf Mobility Mobility Golf Training; a educational platform designed specifically for athletes, coaches and clinicians in the golf industry to understand how mobility with increase longevity and performance in golf.

His vast knowledge in mobility and strength and conditioning is making Nick one of the most sought after consultant for athletes on various professional tours as well as NCAA collegiate programs. Nick has worked with the Vancouver Canucks, the BC Lions, Members of the Canadian National Water Polo Team and athletes of the WEB.com and PGA Tour.