Nick Mueller, also known as the “Mobility Caddie”, is a Golf Performance Consultant, a Kinesiologist and a Fascial Stretch Therapist specializing in strength and conditioning for golfers. Nick’s specialty lies in mobility restoration, movement efficiency and power production and performance of the golfer. He is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Nick has been working with athletes for over a decade. He has a degree in Human Kinetics, is a Level 3 certified TPI golf fitness professional and a member of the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance. Furthering his studies, Nicks recent focus has been on consolidating research, creating and implementing systems for athletes, collegiate programs and industry professionals on how fascia can impact athletic performance. He is a Master Trainer for RAD Roller, a company who sells the most innovative fascial release tools on the market. He has been to Toronto, China, Korea, Dubai, London, Amsterdam, Hungary, New York and California to educate clinicians, personal trainers and other professionals in the industry about how fascia can impact athletic performance.

Nick currently works with RAD, is a lead worldwide presenter and educator and the author of RAD Roller Golf Mobility Mobility Golf Training; a educational platform designed specifically for athletes, coaches and clinicians in the golf industry to understand how mobility with increase longevity and performance in golf.

His vast knowledge in mobility and strength and conditioning is making Nick one of the most sought after consultant for athletes on various professional tours as well as NCAA collegiate programs. Nick has worked with the Vancouver Canucks, the BC Lions, Members of the Canadian National Water Polo Team and athletes of the and PGA Tour.



If you’ve been in a car accident or are dealing with chronic pain, a Kinesiologist can help restore function and mitigate your symptoms.

Golf Performance

Golfers are more fit today than ever before. Increasing your performance on the course starts with a body that move efficiently for the demands of the golf swing.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Table based, low intensity assisted stretching modality that restores range of motion, reduces pain and increases function.

Speaking Engagements

Nick is an expert professional speaker and worldwide educator on the topics of mobility, myofascial release and athletic performance.


Since working with Coach Mueller, he quickly was able to identify key problem areas in my body and took measures to fix them. Through specific programs design to fit my professional goals, we’ve been able to build more speed and power in my golf swing. As a result, I’ve had most consistent season yet out on PGA Tour of Canada. His knowledge, ingenuity and overall understanding of what golfers need to have to become successful in their craft is unparalleled

Ryan Williams

PGA Tour Canada

Nick Mueller is an exceptional performance coach. I have been working with him during my off seasons for the past 5 years during my preparation in qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Games. Nick’s training is very creative. He has so much technical expertise and is incredibly knowledgeable. He comes to sessions prepared and does research about my sport (Water Polo) and in what way I can improve each time I see him. Nick’s focus is on my rotational power and overall strength/power gains. He comes up with exercises that are unique to my sport and figures out how each movement can be relevant in the pool. Nick also always creates a very fun, positive and motivating training environment. No matter how in shape I feel I am as an athlete, Nick is always there to push me and find another area that I can improve on.

Monika Eggens

Canadian National Team Water Polo

Within six months of working with Nick, I became a winner on PGA Tour Canada. His personalized program targeted my weak areas and turned them into strengths

Adam Cornelson

PGA Tour Canada

I wouldn’t be the athlete that I am today without Nick’s guidance and expertise. He is the collaborative, knowledgeable, and driven trainer that every elite athlete needs to perform optimally. His understanding of rotational force and power dynamics is unparalleled. Nick constantly adapts and creates exercises, to support my unique sport needs, as a water polo athlete. This has directly translated to my ability to throw harder, swim quicker and have more balanced in the pool. His knowledge gives me the confidence to push myself without fear of injury and slow down when more movement quality is needed. I am lifting smarter and stronger than I thought possible. He is always goes above and beyond to provide support when I am training abroad. In the gym, his energy is contagious and motivating. Nick has been one of the most influential performance coaches that I’ve had the opportunity to work with, during my journey to becoming the National Team and Professional athletes that I am today. Thanks for everything, Nick!

Gurpreet Sohi

Canadian National Team Water Polo